Friday, 20 September 2019

New Web Page

This is the new web-page that shows all the work done in our Erasmus + Project: "Agenda 2030: That's our challenge!"
Students from Italy, Germany, Greece and Spain have been working for two years to promote UN Global Goals.

And also, we have been awarded with the eTwinning Quality Label by our National Agency.

Thank you very much, you have done a great job.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The vertical forest-A house for trees-Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities.

The idea to reproduce on scale Boeri’s creation was born form the will to represent with a visible, practical and involving work for both students and teachers the Goals 7 and 11 of Agenda 2030.

Monday, 10 June 2019

“Bravo” from "Bravo Schools" for our school

With the participation of the "Agenda 2030: That's Our Challenge!" at the Bravo Schools Panhellenic School Competition, the Zosimaia  Protypo Gymnasium has earned Praise, officially joins the AMBASSADOR SCHOOLS FOR 17 UN GLOBAL GOALS (In action SGDs School Club) and becomes a member of the Global Network of Schools.
The competition was completed with the participation of 294 schools, which with 738 approaches recorded their proposals for creating a better world. Then thousands of active citizens were motivated and participated online in the open poll with 32,256 votes in total, "receiving" pupils' messages and responding to them.
We served the dissemination of the Agenda 2030 in the best way and proved that “Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals” is the basis for a worldwide initiative.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

"Walk the Global Walk for Sustainable Cities"

At the end of May, our students took a walk in the urban environment of our city, inspired by Action Aid's Walk the Global Walk. Together with other students from 11 countries across Europe, they "gathered" miles of urban scenery in order to observe, comment and evaluate if the way of designing and managing the area that surrounds us contributes to the welfare and quality of life of fellow citizens.
This way, we mainly served Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, as well as Goal 4: Quality Education.

Friday, 17 May 2019

“ Sunflower” Project

We, the students of the 8th grade of the Carlo-Schmid-High School in Berlin-Spandau, and our partner organisation "Proyecto Padrinos de Atiquizaya e. V. " would like to support pupils in Salvador. As the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is at the same time the most densely populated, mostly industrialized, but also one of the most violent states whose children suffer from poverty and natural disasters. Many children do not get the chance to attend school for financial or geographical reasons.
We want to increase the educational opportunities of El Salvador's children with our donations. We plant sunflowers to sell them profitably at the Spandau weekly market. Our 7th classes also support the project by painting the flowerpots. The 3.00 € per flower goes to our partner organization, which forwards the proceeds to Atiquizaya, thereby financing school fees and school supplies.
You are welcome to support our project with a donation.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Educational trip to the springs of the Acheron River

In April, our Erasmus team organised an educational trip to the springs of the Acheron River (the mythic water path to Hades), in the context of the Physical Education course. The students had the opportunity to navigate near the springs, to test their archery and trampoline skills and to do rafting along the river. With the help of the wonderful weather conditions, the students and teachers enjoyed the natural beauty of the landscape and the calm waters of the Acheron river. This way, we served Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being, as well as Goal 4: Quality education.

Educational visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art "Theodoros Papagiannis"

Ιn April 2019, our students had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art "Theodoros Papagiannis" and to be guided by the sculptor  himself at his premises. The artist referred to the making of the exhibits by "useless" or recyclable materials, but also to his inspiration through his personal experience. Then, he responded to the mini-interview the students have prepared and proved his care of the protection and upgrading of the natural environment as well as the conservation of the local cultural heritage. We mainly served Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption and also Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Monday, 13 May 2019

New ping-pong tables

To achieve goal 3 “Good Health and Well-Being” our school has two new ping-pong tables. These tables will be used by Physical Education as part of its syllabus and during the break students can also enjoy and be active playing ping-pong.
We must offer a quality education to our pupils, creating and affective climate environment where students can be active, cooperate, collaborate, help and respect each other.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Exhibition of our Erasmus + Project: "Agenda 2030: That's our challenge!"

From 3rd May to 1st June 2019 at the Alaquàs' Castle.

In this exhibition, the IES Clara Campoamor presents the work done, together with our partner schools from Italy, Germany and Greece, within the Erasmus + Project: "Agenda 2030: That's our challenge!".

The main objective of the project has been to educate our students as citizens aware of the needs of society, so that they became active citizens.
To achieve this aim, we have to change our method of work and use active teaching methodologies, educating in competences and skills that allowed our students to analyze the problems that our society faces and then act to improve them.

All the schools have worked on the 17 Objectives of the 2030 Agenda, but each school has worked, in particular, objectives linked to its environment or characteristics of the school. In Alaquàs, we have worked objectives 3 (Good health and well-being) and 14 (Life below water).

The exhibition shows the activities carried out by our students in the last 2 years.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Happy Easter!

 "The Greek Team wish you A Happy Easter! Let's all together stay in the bright side of life and try to make heaven a place on earth!"

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Educational visit to the Technology Park and the University Library of Ioannina

Our students visited the Technology Park and, in particular, the innovative company Cotheta, which specializes in "augmented reality" technology for smart living, cultural heritage and the environment, where with VR glasses they tried a virtual trip to the world. Later, they were guided to the Library, where they gathered useful information about its structure and operation.
The educational visit was very interesting, combining a variety of "information" in the science and research environment of the University of Ioannina. So, we successfully implemented Goal 4: Quality Education.


In the picture you see The Bosco Verticale (the Vertical Forest) in Milan. The towers have a height of around 100 metres and contain more than 900 trees in the terraces of the two towers.The towers were designed by Boeri Studio. The building helps mitigate smog and produce oxygen. At school we worked to reproduce these two towers symbolising the importance of a clean world.
We are realising the different pieces by means of a 3D printer.

"Playing with Protons": CERN's experimental program at our school

On March 4th 2019, we had the opportunity to attend the experimental “Playing with Protons” program of CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), which aims to make students familiar with the CERN experiments and particle physics.
Initially, the Nuclear Research Center, founded in 1954 by twelve European countries and based in Geneva, was presented by the Ambassador of the program in our region. The students were then informed about the scientific achievements of the center, including the WorldWide Web and the Higgs boson, about the experiments that take place and, finally, presented the theory of bigbang through theatrical game. So, we successfully implemented Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals and Goal 4: Quality Education.


On the 11th April our students have taken part in a seminar on Goal 3 "GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING" organised by our school in collaboration with  a women association "FIDAPA BPW  ITALY -SECTION OF ENNA". The main theme is  "FOOD AND HEALTH, A SIGHT TO THE PAST FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE" . The issue is  "Empowering women to realize sustainable development goals". Ous students intervened to tell how they have become consciuos of the importance of the issue for the sustainability of the planet and they have talked about all the actions, related to this Goal, realised during these two years of Erasmus project "agenda 2030:that's our challenge" and how the students' sensibility to the theme has developed in the course of these two years thanks to the Erasmus project . I add some  photos of the seminar.

Monday, 8 April 2019

The ERASMUS+ team at the 2nd Science and Sustainability Festival ISCAR 2019

The Erasmus team of our school actively participated in the 2nd Science and Sustainability Festival ISCAR 2019, which was held in Ioannina on March 20th with the contribution of the University of Ioannina.
               Our students have best served the dissemination of their goals and their actions to a wide audience of scientists and fellow citizens. In addition, they presented the common components of co-operation with schools in Germany, Spain and Sicily, mainly as they were formed during their mobility to and from these three countries. Lots of people congratulated them for their excellent presentation.

"Zosiminds in action" for three Clubs of Excellence

An original joint action of the Mathematics-Physics, Informatics and Philanagnosis (Literature) Clubs of "Zosiminds in Action" was implemented in March. Two former students of our school presented to current students their performance on some projects. Thus, one of them engaged students with smart mental games and quizzes, while the other referred to the “satellite” (Algorithm Guided Modular Probe), a device of the school team Zephyrus II, for which they were awarded a European prize. Our current students were positively motivated by the inter-teaching process, which served Goal 4: Quality Education.

Erasmus+ in Schools: ESN members inform students

On 22 February 2019, Erasmus+ Student Network (ESN) members visited our school and presented the objectives of the Erasmus+ in Schools program.
The aim of the presentation was to inform students about the positive perspective for Europeans aged over 13 to study or practice in a European country. The students informed the children about the practical benefits that one can gain through his participation in a student exchange program, as well as the equally important interpersonal, cooperative and communicative skills he acquires (softskills).

During this action, we served Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals and Goal 4: Quality Education.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Students' strike to fight climate change

On March 15th was the students' strike to fight climate change. The Italian team is happy to have been working on the sustainability of the planet thanks to this project. We want to sing together a version of the Italian "Bella ciao" turned into a song supporting the fight against the climate change and the request that the governments decide to and for it.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Erasmus +: Spanish Mobility from 4th to 9th March 2019

Erasmus +: Spanish Mobility from 4th to 9th March 2019

As part of the Erasmus + Project, Agenda 2030: That’s our Challenge! We will participate in the 4th Mobility. During a week we will be doing many interesting activities and sharing our experiences at IES Clara Campoamor, Alaquàs (SPAIN).
Here you have different activities that we will do during the mobility:
- Welcome and breaking ice activities.
- Visit to the castle of Alaquàs.
- Workshops about the project.
- Global Goals (3 and 14) Presentations
- Visit to the Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe.
- Alaquàs and Valencia city tour.
- Visit to the Albufera Natural Park.
- Farewell ceremony and dinner.

We wish you never forget this week!!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Save our Ocean

To #SaveOurOcean we must:
- End harmful fishing subsidies
- Stop destructive fishing practices
Together, we can achieve the #GlobalGoals

Thursday, 14 February 2019

School Canteen: a healthy meeting point

We all know that we spend half of our every day in school, where healthy food is needed to keep us energetic, so our nutritional practice plays an important role there. Therefore, according to Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being and Goal 4: Quality Education, we arranged an interview with the lady owner of our school canteen in class. We had an interesting conversation with her answering our various questions about: best selling products, nutritional value, processed sugar ingredients, food packaging, cost and profit and student response towards diet habits.
It was a very useful and enlightening procedure having to do with one of the most famous and crowded meeting and “eating” points in school.

Photovoltaic Constructions in Motion

The Erasmus students of the Mathematics/Physics Club of our school were engaged in constructions aimed at understanding energy and its characteristics (conversion, transport, conservation, degradation) and energy consciousness (saving, use of renewable energy sources). Specifically, they created structures that are based on photovoltaic elements, such as small cars and helicopters made of recycled paper and wood. Students using gears, shafts, motors and wires made experiments, took decisions, collaborated and gave motion to their own constructions.
          This experiential learning was innovative, rewarding and enjoyable and, at the same time it served Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy and Goal 4: Quality education.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

SOS: Save Water and Electricity!

Our Erasmus students took an action inside school that could teach us to start saving water and electricity in our every day practice. The best way is to get smart with how we use both of them. So, they wrote down and painted some effective slogans on “Water conservation”, as well as “Electricity conservation” and put them all around the school unit (classrooms, offices, corridors, laboratories, school yard).

The smart pictures with phrases that can be easily remembered helped the dissemination of the energy aim of Agenda 2030, especially Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation, Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption and Goal 13: Climate action. The next step was to exhibit all the slogans on stands during an open school event, so their meaning was disseminated to our fellow citizens, too.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Shadow Theater: tradition vs innovation

The Erasmus students of the Literature Club and Math-e Physics Club organized a cross-thematic action on the Shadow Theater. Taking advantage of the talent of a pupil as a modern "karagiozis player" (the hero of the traditional greek shadow theater), we got to know this particular art both through the theoretical presentation and through the "performance" set up in the classroom. He used hand made figures and traditional acting technique, while presenting the history of this worldwide famous folk art (from China to Greece).
Since the Shadow Theater includes elements of Literature (theatrical texts, student improvisations of theatrical writing), Mathematics (construction of figures and scenery, proportions of shapes) and Physics (light-shadow, motion) is offered for the innovative cross-thematic approach we have successfully implemented, according to Goal 4: Quality education.

Open Event of our school: "Health and wellbeing for teenage students"

The open event entitled "Health and well-being for teenage students" was organized by our school in collaboration with the 2nd Department of Pathology of the General University Hospital of Ioannina and took place on 23rd January 2019 with great success and audience attendance.
The event was part of the Erasmus+ / KA2 "Agenda 2030: That's Our Challenge" program. The aim was to disseminate the objectives of the program to the general public and, in particular, Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing, Goal 4: Education and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.
The results of the projects regarding teenage health were presented, implemented by Erasmus pupils, under the supervision of members of the scientific staff of the Clinic. In particular, by making the somatometric measurements and analyzing the statistic data obtained, the students understood the connection of "physical literacy” with health and nutrition.
At the same time, student slogans on the sustainable development of Agenda 2030 were displayed in the exhibition area, while experiential actions were implemented by the students themselves, such as measuring pressure and calculating the Body Mass Index for the people who attended. Our students were distinguished for their collaborative spirit, interactive participation and excellent presentation.

Working on three Global Goals

This morning our students worked on three Global Goals,  Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, Goal 3 Good Health and Well-Being and Goal 4 Quality Education. With the teachers Bono and Maddalena, they prepared a special Spicy Salt made with the organic herbs of our countryside. They learnt how to produce something good and healthy for cooking without use of additives.

"Mediterranean. Travel and Memories"

Our students were guided to the exhibition of the Italian artist Beppe Labianca with original works, in natural size, made of thin sheets of oxidized iron, attributing variations of human figures from the Mediterranean universe, travels, memories, migration/refugees, wars and peace. As we all know, the Mediterranean Sea has lately become the place of rescue or death for many people who seek for a new life in a new country as victims of a war or other violent situations. So, we served Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, as well as Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019



J'aimerais que mon oeuvre contribue à la lutte pour la paix  et la liberté .
Frida Kahlo

L’intelligence défend la paix. L’intelligence a horreur de la guerre.
Paul Vaillant-Couturier

Et de l'union des libertés dans la fraternité des peuples naîtra la sympathie des âmes, germe de cet immense avenir où commencera pour le genre humain la vie universelle et que l'on appellera la paix de l'Europe.
Victor Hugo

Tout groupe humain prend sa richesse dans la communication, l'entraide et la solidarité visant à un but commun : l'épanouissement de chacun dans le respect des différences.
Françoise Dolto

Le désarmement extérieur passe par le désarmement intérieur. Le seul vrai garant de la paix est en soi
 Dalaï Lama

Ces sont quelques exemples des documents trouvés et sélectionnés par les élèves de 4º ESO, qui ont travaillé en se documentant sur le thème de la Paix.
On a fait des lectures, des commentaires, des débats, et finalement ils ont élaboré l’arbre de la Paix.

Parmis les textes lus on peut trouver les Objectifs de développement durable des Nations Unies, concrètement l’objectif nº 16: Paix, justice et institutions efficaces qui ont fait réfléchir nos élèves.

Common Action about “Peace”

On the 30th of January we organised the Common Action about “Peace”. It was dedicated to the global Goal 16 of Agenda 2030 “Peace, Justice and Strong institutions” and to Goal 14 “Life below water”.

After a short brainstorming about the word “Peace” and its possible meaning, the students, divided into groups,  guided by the teacher Pina Dell’Aera, Rossella Trovato e Silvia Salerno  were invited to reflect about this concept starting from the article 11 of the Italian Constitution which is the only one which states that “Italy is a Republic that repudiates war”.   Then we saw a  world map with the countries actually at war. We thought about the work of important people who support or have supported peace in their life like Pope Frances who said a big “No to the war” and “the only way to win a war is not to do it” and John Lennon with his legendary song “Imagine”. Other examples were Nadia Murad who has won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2018, a symbol of a generation of young people who has experienced and fought the horrors of the war; Picasso with his painting “Guernica”; Bertolt Brecht with its poem “The war which is coming” where he shows his trenchantly anti-war views. The last work was an extract of the speech Victor Hugo held at the Peace Congress of Paris in 1849.

The second part of the day was dedicated to the importance of “Water” for us and for our entire Planet. The teacher Lucia Pampallona explained the different kinds of water, white water (acque bianche), waste water (acque reflue), grey water (acque grigie) and sewage (acque nere). She showed the steps to purify water and the way this water can be reused after it and the implementation of grey water or rainwater recycling. She asked all of us to reduce our consumption of water through simple daily acts when we have a shower or we wash our teeth. She talked about the heavy impact on the environment of agricultural methods and pig and cattle farming which need thousands of litres of water every animal. It will become more and more difficult to sustain this rhythm in the future so we all should rethink our food habits in a short time.  Finally, a competition with the application aimed to see which class paid more attention to the activities by means of some questions. The class IV E sala won the prize, the “Degree of Peace and Environmental Sustainability”.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Awareness campaign in water consumption and recycling

As part of our awareness campaign in order to improve the bad results in water consumption and recycling that we found in the eco-audit, our students have explained to grade 7th students all the information about recycling and water consumption and then place two new waste bins in the classrooms, one for paper and one for plastic packaging.
Besides, we have done a new survey to compare the results and to see the evolution of consumption and recycling before and after the awareness campaign.
We expect that implementing this actions we will improve our results.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Our house is on fire

A 16 year old student engaged in Davos to ask the Big of the World to act and stop Climate Change. She says "Our house is on fire"
To show to our students.

School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Next Wednesday, 30th January, we will have a meeting with our Erasmus students and some other classes to realise our common action about "Peace" . We will invite them to reflect about the concept of peace, starting from the article 11 of the Italian Constitution, going on with contemporary songs and poems written on this subject and concluding with a research about all the Countries are at war nowadays. In the end we will ask them to answer some questions about the subjects treated. The class who will answer better and in the shortest time will receive a "Diploma of Peace"

Monday, 14 January 2019

Welcome to Alaquàs!!

As part of our Erasmus+ Project “Agenda 2030: That’s our challenge!” Johanna and Milo, two German students from Carlo-Schmid Highschool, have arrived in Alaquàs. They will stay with us from 8th January until 9th March participating in a Long-Term Exchange.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Reduce Reuse Recycle

One of the aims of the five-point-plan of our environment minister in order to reduce plastic, which was introduced in November 2018, is using fewer fruit and vegetable bags in supermarkets. On our Open Day at school some students and teachers presented an idea to approach that problem:
They recycled old curtains and made bags out of them. The cloth bags are very light, can be washed and reused. They will be available in different sizes in our school store and will cost only 2€. People and teachers can donate their old curtains or other old fabrics.

Roma Armee

The eleventh grade of the Carlo Schmid School went to the Maxim Gorki Theater on the 22 September 2018. We watched a play "Roma Armee", which is about the discrimination of the "Sinti and Roma" minority in Europe. On the 8 October 2018 the main actor and director Sandra Selimovic came to our school to deliver a workshop. We did warm-up lessons about prejudice and thought about new perspectives on racism, violence or prejudice.
Later, we did a different body and move exercises with different emotions and music. We "fought" in teams first in slow motion and staged a fashion show where the other students had to guess which body part we wanted to exercise. In the last part of the workshop, we improvised a scene on a park bench. The task was to evict a person with gestures. Every figure had their own "character". In the end, we decided that the workshop was instructive. We learned how to be free and how to open up to others.

Winners at Start-Green@School Award

15th November 2018 was one of the best days for the student company Schmids-Druck-Studio. Who would think that we will achieve so much?
At first, an expert jury assessed the concept of our school firm and we were chosen for the top 10. Then there was an online voting and we landed as one of the best three finalists. The jury chose the best student company on the basis of the concept and the online voting.
At the award ceremony, all three best firms (from Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin) presented themselves to the audience. Subsequently,  Mrs. Dr. Katharina Reuter, the head of the German Association of the Green Economy, held a speech and then Mrs. Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter, a Parliamentary State Secretary, handed in the “crown” and the certificate for the first place.  
The day began at 8:30 am in the studio at the Carlo Schmid Oberschule, because teachers from Sweden came to have a look at our company. We told them about our work and why sustainability and the environment are so important for us. The Swedish guests were really impressed.
Later, we and our guests went to the EUREF campus in Berlin Schöneberg. The campus is a symbol of a turning point in the German energy politics and is also a location of different energy companies. After that, we went to the Environment Ministry for the prize-giving ceremony. All nominated school companies presented their stands there and also talked about their activities on the scene. All the students together with Mrs. Pobloth and Mr. Lorenz waited impatiently for the results. It was a great honor and pleasure for us to walk on the stage as the winners of the Start-Green@Scholl Awards.
The Schmids Druck Studio wants to thank all those who voted for us! 🎉🎉

A happy new year to all of you!!

A happy new year to all of you!! We're very happy to have this partnership with you and we hope our friendships will continue and we'll make the world a better place. We wish you all the best and a lot of success for your next projects  💫🍀🍄