Friday, 20 April 2018

Teaching visit to the innovative company NIKI-MEPE Digital Engineering

Οur school and especially our Erasmus+ team visited the innovative company “NIKI-MEPE Digital Engineering”, at the University of Ioannina Technological Park. The students had the opportunity to get to know the executives and structures of this company, as well as to be informed about their achievements in the field of Scientific Technology, Industrial Design, Energy, Biomedicine and New Technologies. During the discussion, views were expressed on the use of technology by man over the years, as well as on modern policies of sustainable development for the benefit of humanity. Thus, we served Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, as well as Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Educational excursion to the villages of “Zagori”

Βefore Easter holidays, our Erasmus students visited a place of unique natural beauty and traditional culture, one of the main sights of Greece. “Zagorohoria” are a preserved settlement: built with gray stone houses and stone alleys, between high mountains, with unique special local food and desserts. Also, in the same place there is the famous “Vikos Gorge”, the largest and deepest gorge in our country.
Our students travelled there, where they enjoyed the walk in the nature. Then, they visited a folk museum to get to know the traditional culture, through handmade items of everyday life or works of art, that a local artist/collector gathered for the next generations to admire. They also visited a cultural institution where they enjoyed a photo exhibition about previous ways of living. Thus, students and teachers have served Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal: 17: Partnerships for the Goals and Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sustainable cosmetics

For many years the colleagues of the natural sciences in the CSO have been organizing the project week „sustainable cosmetics“. In this special school week the students produce their own cosmetics such as skin creams, soaps, bathing oils and many other products. The youngsters were always enthusiastic about how easy it is to make cosmetics themselves.
Due to the high demand, we decided to offer this project regularly all over the year. The new working group is called „Sustainable cosmetics“ and meets once a week for two hours. The cosmetics, that students take home and use, are very colorful and motivating. The Sustainability is based, for example, on the raw materials used to produce the cosmetics and on the bottles and skin-cream pots, that students bring from home. We reuse the containers several times, before they end up in trash.
Concerning production, the saying “less is more“ applies, so only the essentials are used. Since we produce our creams freshly, we are able to work without any additives such as preservatives. In the fridge, the products can be kept for at least two weeks. They can also be frozen in portions. Moreover, if desired, the products can be perfumed with essential oil. Everyone can choose their perfume individually – allergy sufferers can completely do without it. The raw materials are purely vegetable – no animal products are used.
The photos show students preparing bathing bombs and bathing oils. Furthermore, you can see the finished products from the students such as: creams, lip gloss, peelings, soaps, bathing bombs and bathing oils. The girls often lovingly pack their products in materials that would otherwise have been thrown away from their parents, such as old curtains. In this way, the youngsters are developing increasingly sustainable consumer behavior.
F. Kösece

WORKSHOP on the Gender Equality

A local writer and internet magazine editor, Eurydice Mantelis, happily accepted our invitation to participate in an experiential workshop with our students. In the context of the school lesson “Ancient Greek” and the cross-curricular approach with the lesson of “Computer Science”, students have decoded an internationally recognized comic book as well as online data on the social role that the two sexes - consciously or not - obtain over time.

The collaboration has been fruitful and creative, since it experientially served Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Celebrating Easter holidays

The famous Greek poet and Nobel prize winner, Odysseas Elytis, says about Easter:
"It feels like you fly high and offer your soul as a gift from high above to all..."
As we all are an active Erasmus team, let's wish the happiest Easter to everyone and share our best goal, to create the beauty of life on earth!