Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Awareness campaign in water consumption and recycling

As part of our awareness campaign in order to improve the bad results in water consumption and recycling that we found in the eco-audit, our students have explained to grade 7th students all the information about recycling and water consumption and then place two new waste bins in the classrooms, one for paper and one for plastic packaging.
Besides, we have done a new survey to compare the results and to see the evolution of consumption and recycling before and after the awareness campaign.
We expect that implementing this actions we will improve our results.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Our house is on fire

A 16 year old student engaged in Davos to ask the Big of the World to act and stop Climate Change. She says "Our house is on fire"
To show to our students.

School Day of Non-violence and Peace

Next Wednesday, 30th January, we will have a meeting with our Erasmus students and some other classes to realise our common action about "Peace" . We will invite them to reflect about the concept of peace, starting from the article 11 of the Italian Constitution, going on with contemporary songs and poems written on this subject and concluding with a research about all the Countries are at war nowadays. In the end we will ask them to answer some questions about the subjects treated. The class who will answer better and in the shortest time will receive a "Diploma of Peace"

Monday, 14 January 2019

Welcome to Alaquàs!!

As part of our Erasmus+ Project “Agenda 2030: That’s our challenge!” Johanna and Milo, two German students from Carlo-Schmid Highschool, have arrived in Alaquàs. They will stay with us from 8th January until 9th March participating in a Long-Term Exchange.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Reduce Reuse Recycle

One of the aims of the five-point-plan of our environment minister in order to reduce plastic, which was introduced in November 2018, is using fewer fruit and vegetable bags in supermarkets. On our Open Day at school some students and teachers presented an idea to approach that problem:
They recycled old curtains and made bags out of them. The cloth bags are very light, can be washed and reused. They will be available in different sizes in our school store and will cost only 2€. People and teachers can donate their old curtains or other old fabrics.

Roma Armee

The eleventh grade of the Carlo Schmid School went to the Maxim Gorki Theater on the 22 September 2018. We watched a play "Roma Armee", which is about the discrimination of the "Sinti and Roma" minority in Europe. On the 8 October 2018 the main actor and director Sandra Selimovic came to our school to deliver a workshop. We did warm-up lessons about prejudice and thought about new perspectives on racism, violence or prejudice.
Later, we did a different body and move exercises with different emotions and music. We "fought" in teams first in slow motion and staged a fashion show where the other students had to guess which body part we wanted to exercise. In the last part of the workshop, we improvised a scene on a park bench. The task was to evict a person with gestures. Every figure had their own "character". In the end, we decided that the workshop was instructive. We learned how to be free and how to open up to others.

Winners at Start-Green@School Award

15th November 2018 was one of the best days for the student company Schmids-Druck-Studio. Who would think that we will achieve so much?
At first, an expert jury assessed the concept of our school firm and we were chosen for the top 10. Then there was an online voting and we landed as one of the best three finalists. The jury chose the best student company on the basis of the concept and the online voting.
At the award ceremony, all three best firms (from Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin) presented themselves to the audience. Subsequently,  Mrs. Dr. Katharina Reuter, the head of the German Association of the Green Economy, held a speech and then Mrs. Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter, a Parliamentary State Secretary, handed in the “crown” and the certificate for the first place.  
The day began at 8:30 am in the studio at the Carlo Schmid Oberschule, because teachers from Sweden came to have a look at our company. We told them about our work and why sustainability and the environment are so important for us. The Swedish guests were really impressed.
Later, we and our guests went to the EUREF campus in Berlin Schöneberg. The campus is a symbol of a turning point in the German energy politics and is also a location of different energy companies. After that, we went to the Environment Ministry for the prize-giving ceremony. All nominated school companies presented their stands there and also talked about their activities on the scene. All the students together with Mrs. Pobloth and Mr. Lorenz waited impatiently for the results. It was a great honor and pleasure for us to walk on the stage as the winners of the Start-Green@Scholl Awards.
The Schmids Druck Studio wants to thank all those who voted for us! 🎉🎉

A happy new year to all of you!!

A happy new year to all of you!! We're very happy to have this partnership with you and we hope our friendships will continue and we'll make the world a better place. We wish you all the best and a lot of success for your next projects  💫🍀🍄