Saturday, 3 November 2018

The realization of our own “vertical forest” project: work in progress

The “ vertical forest”  designed by Stefano Boeri architects’ studio is a design of urban reforestation. It aims at an interaction between domestic  environment and nature, taking advantage of verticality while controlling urban growth. The forest, made up of two towers, houses thousands of trees and plants. Thanks to this variety of species , a microclimate is able to promote: birds and insect colonization, particles filtration, acoustic insulation.
As regards water, there is a centralized system of drip irrigation. Water comes from the building grey water or groundwater.Together with the teacher Mrs Pampallona, we are carrying out a very interesting project aiming at the realization of a “vertical forest”. We are collaborating with the external expert and young architect, Mrs Elena Bruno for the success of the initiative.
The first pratical action has been the search for planimetries. The second phase involved the students in getting waste materials useful to the fulfiment of the project.All along the school year we will carry out the next steps for the realization of our own “vertical forest” project.

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