Friday, 2 November 2018

Baking- Meeting with an agricultural producer and ancient seeds saver, sense analysis of bread.

We focused our attention on Goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” in agriculture, as well as on Goal 4 “Quality Education”.We were engaged in three activities: 1. Backing; 2. Meeting with an agricultural producer and ancient seeds saver; 3. Sense analysis of bread.First of all with the teacher Mr Galati we prepared and cooked three types of bread: one type was made with soft wheat flour, one with durum wheat flour and the third type with flour of ancient wheats.The ancient flour wheat was that “Tumunia” offered by the producer.
While the bread was cooking, the Erasmus students and some other classes of the school met the farmer, who has a big farm with her sisters founded by their father, producing flour of ancient wheat such as Tuminia and Russello.She talked about the importance of producing products linked to the territory to maintain the biodiversity.Finally Silvia Turco led the “Laboratory of Sense Analysis of Bread”.She guided us to understand the most important steps in the analysis of bread, using our senses, sight, smell, touch and taste.It was a wonderful experience for all of us to propose to other groups of students too.

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