Saturday, 13 January 2018

Goal 13 "Climate Action"

Goal 13 ("Climate Action") is one of our priorities because climate change is a reality. In Spain we are nowadays suffering its effects like drought.
The Students of 2nd level of Baccaleureat have prepared a work on it using different TICs to work also the Goal 4 ("Quality Education").
The information is only in Spanish but we think that it's really interesting and many of you will understand it or at least you will find two good platforms to work with your students:

Costume race Spain

In Spain we have a traditional course before the End of the Year where the purpose is to dress up and have a good time running for fun. This year we profit this event to dress up about things related with the oceans. With this action we work on Goal 3, Goal 14 and we disseminate the Goals of our project in our town.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Solidarity Day in IPS “Federico II” Enna: goal 1:no poverty

On Wednesday the 13th of December our school, the IPS Federico II of Enna, held a seminar where the Erasmus Project "Agenda 2030: That'our Challenge" was officially presented. We devoted the seminar also to Goal 1:no poverty. Three testimonials were invited to talk about their experiences in the poor areas of the world, Uganda and Zambia in Africa and in the territory of Enna. Dulcis in fundo, all the participants could taste the coloured cake representing the 17 Goals of Agenda 2030, prepared by our students of patîsserie, guided by the teacher, Mr Angelo Pittá.

Our learning diary;link:
Solidarity Day with interactive content-click on the icon to read the text; link:

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Disseminating SDG's in our community

A few weeks ago, a group of students from IES Clara Campoamor campaigned to promote the activities of the "Agenda 2030". These guys distributed posters of certain points to deal with the Agenda 2030, posing a question about this, and later giving the answer. We believe that this action will be able to make people aware of what is happening, and help improve the situation. With help, it is possible to achieve our goal.

Workshops and conferences about SDG's

The 22th of December was our last workday before the End of the Year. This day was an special date to work on actions related with the Goals of the Agenda 2030.
The students of Commerce prepared a solidary market with the support of the Town Council of Alaquàs and the money raised was donated to The Red Cross.
In addition, we collaborate with the association "Karamaa" in the collection of non perisable food for the refugees camps in Greece. We accompanied this action by an exposition and redactions of our students about the refugees.
Athletes of the paralympic association "Tetrasport" came to our school to talk about their preparation. We had also talks where the associations "Médecins sans Frontières" and Red Cross explained us their work.

Wonderful Christmas for everyone on earth!!!

The year 2017 offered us the 17 Goals of Agenda 2030...

Now, the Greek team send you 2018 wishes for the New Year to offer health, happiness and success in every “goal” of your life and bring us together in close!

Wonderful Christmas for everyone on earth!!!

"The Water Company in Ziros Lake" for Erasmus+ students

The best way to meet goals 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, 15: Life on Land and 17: Partnerships for the Goals of Agenda 2030 was to visit the wetland of rare beauty and great ecological interest in Lake Ziros.
Thus, on 19th December, the Erasmus students of our school attended the training program "The Water Company in Ziros Lake" of The Environmental Center of Filippiada, where they got to know the ecosystem of Ziros lake, the physical and chemical properties of water, its biological role and the problems that arise from its inappropriate use and mismanagement. The program combined all the elements concerning the study of water through an experiential approach, as there was direct access to the lake and the lakeside ecosystem, as well as observation, research and activity that were carried out. Specifically, physicochemical parameters of lake water, such as pH, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, ammonia, temperature and dissolved oxygen, were measured by the students themselves with the guidance of the responsible staff.
The educational visit resulted in the building of knowledge, the development of
skills, as well as the formation of students' values ​​and attitudes towards the